Changes in the Neighborhood: Reviewing Citizen Security Cooperation in Latin America/ Robert Muggah and Ilona Szabo de Carvalho / STRATEGIC PAPER 7 | MARCH 2014

Latin American and Caribbean countries are experiencing a rapid expansion of international cooperation focused on security and development, including what is known as “citizen security”. Political elites and civil societies are urgently seeking new ways to stem accelerating rates of violence across the region. At the same time regional networks alongside steady economic growth is emboldening countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and others to solve their own problems in their own ways. And while the United States and other countries and agencies continue to play a dominant role in shaping the direction and character of security priorities, there are nevertheless new emerging patterns of cooperation that privilege transnational, national and local priorities over international ones.

This new Strategic Paper – Changes in the Neighborhood – surveys historical trends and future trajectories of international cooperation for citizen security. The authors Robert Muggah and Ilona Szabo de Carvalho consider the transfer of resources, equipment, intelligence and expertise between national, state and municipal governments, defence personnel, police forces, intelligence units, judicial services, penal systems, universities, civic associations, private companies and others. The paper focuses on hard measures – including efforts to control transnational gangs, reduce illicit arms transfers, and counter human trafficking, money laundering, and cyber-crime – as well as softer measures such as police and judicial reform, community and proximity policing, youth and gender violence reduction, and preventive measures to reduce routine threats to citizens. SEE MORE…



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