Brazil: The Gun Library.. An Ethic of Crime in São Paulo / Graham Denyer Willis

In lieu of the lost item charge, the Library will accept a replacement copy of a lost or damaged item. A $35 processing charge will be assessed per item, to cover the costs associated with adding the replacement copy to the collection. Replacement copies must be new or used in Very Good condition (clean, unmarked, and untorn with an intact spine and binding) or better.  —University of Chicago Library

In case of loss, guns may be replaced either by paying a cash fee, or by substituting with a gun of the same
model, caliber and conditions of use as that which was lost by the borrower. —Gun Library of the Primeiro Comando da Capital

From 2009 to 2012, I accompanied police detectives in São Paulo as they went about their work, from filing reports in local precincts to investigating homicides and police shootings of civilians. Hardly a day went by without allusion to the Primeiro Comando da Capital, or PCC, an organized crime group in the business of protecting prisoners. With strongholds in 135 of 152 of the state of São Paulo’s prisons, the PCC has grown during a time when São Paulo’s prison population has swelled to 196,000, so there is no shortage of prisoners in need of protection. The PCC provides basic necessities—food, clothes, hygiene products—the state never has. Prisoner safety is no longer the prerogative of the Secretary of Penitentiary Administration: violence occurs, but usually doesn’t, because the PCC says so. SEE MORE…



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