Brazil: How cop cams can help ordinary citizens / Robert Muggah

How technology helped uncover an alleged murder by police in a Rio slum

When Amarildo de Souza, an unemployed bricklayer who lived in Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela, left home one evening last July, his intention was simply to pick up a few things at the market. Instead, he was caught up in a drug sweep and taken to the neighborhood police headquarters.

A security camera recorded De Souza’s entry to the station, but he never returned home. For the next two months, his family and friends were left to wonder what had happened — though they had a good idea.

Disappearances and deaths at the hands of the police in Brazil are not unusual. About 35,000 Brazilians have disappeared without a trace since 2007, and Brazilian police are responsible for about 2,000 civilian deaths a year, according to Amnesty International. SEE MORE…



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