Nigaragua: With A Soft Approach On Gangs, Nicaragua Eschews Violence / Eyder Peralta

As the sun sinks just below the horizon, Jorge Sandoval strolls across a dusty street.

He’s a small man in his 50s, who runs volunteer patrols. The neighborhood is poor. The houses are cobbled together out of leftover wood and pieces of metal.

Two years ago, Sandoval says, these streets used to be desolate and controlled by gangs.

“They would shoot at each other at all hours,” Sandoval says. “Suddenly you’d find someone injured, someone innocent, because they just didn’t care.”

The Dimitrov neighborhood in the capital of Nicaragua used to be one of the most dangerous in the country. It was so dangerous that its 10 or so square blocks accounted for 20 percent of all the crime of Managua, a city of 1.2 million people. VER MÁS…



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