Brazil: Police in Brazilian city aided revenge killings, report says / Dom Phillips

The corner where 16-year-old ­Eduardo Chaves was killed is just a few hundreds yards from a center that is a police station and a community center in this ­bustling slum. But no police intervened on Nov. 4 when he was executed by a convoy of masked men on motorbikes and in cars. He was one of 10 boys and young men gunned down that night.

Raul, a close relative, tried to save Eduardo when the killers accosted him. “I ran there to help him,’’ said Raul, who declined to give his real name. He was threatened with a shot over his head. A bystander bundled him away. He heard but did not see the shots that left Eduardo dead in a pool of blood. Raul said he felt “desperation, crying, sadness.”

A damning inquiry released Jan. 30 by the state assembly of Para — of which Belem, or Bethlehem, is the capital — said police colluded in a massacre that was announced beforehand. Its ramifications still reverberate through this Amazon city of 1.4­ million, where searching questions are being asked about Brazil’s epidemic violence — 56,000 people were killed in 2012 — and the role its underpaid police play on both sides of the front line. SEE MORE…



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