Honduran Police Officers Working for Notorious MS-13 / TELESUR

Honduras has been plagued both by gang violence and police corruption.
More than 80 members of Honduras’ police force have been working for one of Latin America’s most notorious criminal gangs, local media reported Monday.

An internal investigation claims that 81 Honduran police, including a number of police commissioners, were part of the criminal enterprise of the Mara Salvatrucha – commonly known of MS-13 – and worked for one of the organization’s leaders, David Elias Campbell Licona.

The report stems from an investigation into allegations that eight police officers were active participants in a massacre which killed 12 people in a pool hall in March, in Comayagüela, next to the capital Tegucigalpa. So far, none of the police officers have been charged in connection with the massacre. SEE MORE…


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